17052021 Markets at important Technical levels setting up for moves

Uncategorized May 17, 2021


Risks of a broad market sell off due to inflation ( off Q xOP ) is real, as long as we continue trading below Q XOP.

At minimum we should sell further consolidation move today, to retest recent lows, with 30min DP turning down at the open.


TSLA opening the week again at its 200ma - with a impending move happening soon.


Bitcoin is trading near OP Agreement.


Gold is trying to break out of its 200ma.


As things stand today, It looks like

i) Equity Indices looking to sell off ( due to inflation fears )

ii) TSLA trying to bottom here at its 200ma

iii) BTC nearing a buy opportunity 

iv) A break above its 200MA on GOLD will confirm to us the inflation story.


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